Latex Resistance Toning Tube & 8 Word Yoga Fitness Resistance band With free door anchor

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Our Training Tubes Feature Cushioned Foam Handles for That Feeling of Comfort and Security When You’re Sweating It Out! What’s More, the Grip Is Slip Resistant, Allowing You to Have a Firm Hold – No More Worrying About Interruptions in Your Routine. Forget the Gym – Any Place Can Be Your Workout Place with Our Sturdy, Efficient Resistance tubesThese Exercise Resistance Tubes can be used for full body exercises that keeps you fit and lively all along. It works up every major muscle group of your body and gives you an overall invigorating

Multiple Fitness Levels

Switch to light, medium or heavy workout patterns and challenge yourself to meet the fitness requirements of your body using this single tube !

Toning and Strengthening of Muscles

This is one of the most safest and convenient techniques to tone and strengthen your muscles. Grab a tube and start working out now and have fun moulding your body to your liking!Ideal For

fixfeels  brings to you the best in the market Exercise Resistance Tube ! Be it fitness, exercise, workout or physiotherapy, fixfeels Exercise Resistance Tubes is what completes your routine. These high quality, comfortable and economic resistance tubes are portable and is designed to meet your convenience! Also included : a workout chart included to assist you in your fitness quest.

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